Welcome to Narrator.Life 365

Courses, Coaching and Community for Audiobook Narrators

Why Narrator.Life 365?

Narrator.Life 365 is a space for audiobook narrators to stay connected, learning together and challenging one another to envision, cultivate and maintain sustainable work-life harmony. And with no ads or social media platform algorithm distractions, you can FOCUS here.

The Results You'll Get

Our number one goal is Return on Investment for you. The strategies and techniques you learn, the habits you develop, the expansion of your professional network, the confidence you build will put you in the express lane toward career goals.

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of Narrator.Life 365:

  • Participate in ongoing conversations with your colleagues and the narrator.life faculty.
  • Gain exclusive access to pop-up webinars, early event announcements, and in person members-only events.
  • Share what you've learned in a community of colleagues who appreciate your unique perspective and even your non-audiobook work expertise.
  • Deepen your skill set with online courses and challenges.